About Ms. Jill Foster

Ms. Jill Foster:

Jill Foster is a proud mother, wife and Owner & CEO of Beauty Behold LLC, a professional skincare & artistry business servicing all personal and professional beauty and makeup application requirements. Since childhood, she’s possessed a deep passion for makeup artistry. That passion paired with a bachelor’s in administration, master’s in management, and decades in the corporate world led her to pursue her lifelong passions both in beauty and business.

Jill honed her professional makeup skills through Robert Fiance [FEE-once] Makeup Academy and created Beauty Behold LLC; and has since been “transforming ordinary beauty into extraordinary beauty!” Her belief is that every one of us has beauty within that is worthy of beholding.

Jill’s drive & determination in beauty and business, has led her to work and sharpen her business savvy under the leadership and direction of several power players in the Fashion, Film, and Music Industry. The knowledge she acquired led her to direct production level MUA teams; author her first book entitled the “Pretty Girl 7 Keys to Beautiful Skin & Flawless Makeup” guidebook, create a lipstick line and apparel under her Beauty Behold Brand.

A woman infused with many talents; Jill is also the proud Copy Editor & Contributing Writer of

Photography Insight Plus Magazine publishing team.

She has appeared on radio shows, cable talk shows & makeup seminar platforms and continues to pay-

it-forward with servicing the less fortunate with her philanthropic spirit to give back.

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PIPE TV Jill Foster Interviews Keith Washington...

 PIPE TV Jill Foster Interviews Keith Washington... 

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RED Carpet Hosts: Mz. Tonni Young and Ms. Jill Foster

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Movie Premiere (Jan 19, 2020, @ Regal E-Walk 4DX & RPX) Whatever It Takes The Movie "When Blood Runs Cold..."  

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