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My photography journey started in 1983 and my first camera being a Yashica 35MM with a Manual Telescopic Lens (50mm to 300mm). One of my first photography jobs was working with New York State Senator Marty Markowitz who organizes the Martin Luther King Jr. Summer Concerts Series at Wingate High School in 1983. The 35mm films I use were 200, 400 and 800 ISO with 12, 24 and 36 exposures. When I look back, I smile and reflect on how easier things are now compared to then. There were times when you could take all 36 exposures and you might get 15 good exposures. But the cost was always high. But you had to get all exposures printed just to know if you had any good or great photos. 

So, after I attended LaGuardia Community College and obtained my Associate of Science Degree in Computer Science. Then I decided to get back into photography. My comeback cameras were a Fuji, Nikon point and shoot, Pentax X90 and then an Olympus D-360L. 

  After a consultation, I purchased a Canon T3I with a Touchscreen. I felt like I was on top of the world. But I was still honing my skills and at first, the camera was on AUTO. I continue this method until someone asked me if I was using RAW or JPEG format. At first, I did not know the difference, so my interest in educating myself began. 

I began to understand my camera. My Canon T3I was a crop-sensor which meant that it was cropped out the edges of the frame (APS-C crop sensor). So, depending on my lens type, I was not able to get Full Frame unless I stood back compared to a Full Frame Camera. I continue to educate myself and then realize I needed to upgrade because of the number of megapixels. Even though I did not get a Full Frame Canon but continue and purchased a Canon T5I (still touchscreen). I could see the improvement but was still limited to the APS-C crop sensor. The functionality had some improvements but I forged ahead doing Fashion Shows and Events. With further analysis, I made to move to a Full Frame camera, the Canon 6D and I could see the difference right away in my photography.

Now with my comprehensive and complete knowledge, I can say my photography has improved along with my mechanical skills as well as my techniques. I since upgraded to the Canon 6D Mark II and now I have the Canon 5D Mark IV. 

My Photography Corner is a comprehensive look at the origins of photography as well as Tips with Lighting (from 1 to 5-point lighting), Settings, Lens, Flashes, Tripods and more. Always keep in mind, in the digital age, taking a bad or not so good photo is allowed. With Post processing applications (which we will explore), making adjustments can correct any bad photo but not all photos can be recovered or corrected.

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